Why Rent Inflatables For Your Event by The Big Bounce Theory

Bouncy Castle | Why Rent Inflatables For Your Event

There are many different types of events you may want to have in Edmonton and surrounding area. Birthdays, block parties, community league events, trade shows, carnivals and fairs, just to name a few. And when you’re looking to have a fun and memorable event, you will want the best activities to excite your guests. That’s why you should look no further than The Big Bounce Theory and rent inflatables for your event! If you’re wondering why, you need a bouncy castle at your party it’s simple: they’re fun! But inflatables are more than just bouncy castles, and you would be surprised at what they can do, and what you can bring to your next event!

Bouncy Castles are a Jumping Good Time

When people think of inflatables, they usually think of bouncy castles. Inflatable rooms to jump and bounce around in. And while these are favorites for children, it’s not just kids that love them! That’s right, these are popular with small kids, larger kids, teenagers, and adults! The only proof you need is that bouncy castles are growing in popularity at weddings! There are even special weddings styles that are all white and have one side completely open for easy access and great photo opportunities! Although many weddings rent a bouncy castle that has a theme in line with their wedding. Truly, the sky is the limit when thinking of who would like to jump around in one!

Beat the Heat with Waterslides

Are you having an event in the summer? Rent a bouncy castle with a waterslide attachment to ensure that your guests can have fun while staying cool! There are many different styles to choose from, both with and without a bouncy castle attached. Check out The Big Bounce Theory’s website to check out not just the different configurations, but also the different themes that will fit the theme of your event, no matter what it is! If your event is outdoors in the summer, this will be the most popular activity!

Bouncy Castle | Inspire Friendly Competition

Even though we mentioned that inflatables aren’t just bouncy castles, people don’t quite know the possibilities in inflatables. One of the most popular style of inflatables is the obstacle course. There is a huge variety of sizes and themes, and you can even rent multiple inflatables and put them together for the ultimate obstacle course! Friends can race each other, or simply try to beat their own time, or even just try to get through successfully! Check out The Big Bouncy Theory’s website to see the variety and styles available to rent! Want to inspire a little bit more competition? There are game inflatables! Try jousting in true gladiator style, to see who’s the last one standing! Want a bit closer hand to hand combat? Try out the boxing ring inflatable! Wear giant boxing gloves and have fun bouncing each other around the ring! There are even inflatable suits to wear, so as you and your rival are wrestling, you won’t get hurt and you bounce and roll around!

Wacky and Wild Fun

Looking for a bit more out of the box competition? The Big Bounce Theory also has the Toxic Meltdown game – similar to the game seen on Wipeout, where everyone stands on a pillar, and a sweeping arm moves in a circle. Jump or duck to avoid the arm and see who can last the longest! Ever heard of an inflatable wall of Velcro? Competitors suit up in an outfit lined with Velcro and take a running jump at an inflatable wall that is also lined with Velcro. They will stick themselves on the wall. Who will jump the highest? Will you be able to beat your last jump? Jump with a partner to make shapes or letters! This activity alone will keep people active for hours! There are also games like inflatable basketball, a slap shot hockey game, baseball, inflatable skee ball and the hilarious giant inflatable whack-a-mole game to name a few. Who would have thought inflatables only described bouncy castles? These games will not only keep people entertained for hours, but they will love the giant-sized versions of these favorite games, and will talk about your event for months to come! This is just another reason why you should have inflatable activities, no matter what your next event is!

Fun for All Ages

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that bouncy castles and inflatables are just for kids! Not only are these attractions made for people of all ages, but they’ve proven themselves to be an activity that everyone enjoys! Whether you’re jumping around in a bouncy castle, racing through an epic obstacle course, sliding down a waterslide, or getting your game on, this is an all ages, fun for the entire family activity. If your event will have children, adults or both at the same time, these activities will be sure to engage everyone! The more inflatables you have, the more everyone can have fun, keeping the same ages together, to ensure everyone is safe!

Have Fun Inside and Outside

It’s also important to note that bouncy castles can be used inside and out! Even your winter events can be unique, fun and magical with some inflatable rentals! While you can’t put water on the waterslides, you will be able to bounce, slide and game at your indoor activity. Winter is actually a great time to rent inflatables, since everyone will be pent up inside their home, and will have energy to burn! If you want a unique, fun and memorable event, make sure you rent inflatables for your next function! The Big Bounce Theory also has all the other supplies you will need for your event like tents, concession machines like cotton candy, slush and popcorn machines. Need entertainment? You can book magicians, balloon twisters, face painters, someone to do glitter tattoos and more! You can have an amazing, fun and magical event with The Big Bounce Theory!