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Foam Party Edmonton

Foam Party Edmonton is a leading company of foam party rental in the Edmonton area with the best foam cannon in the industry which come from Foam Daddy. We also use safe for children AND pets foam solution for everyone to enjoy their party safely and without worrying about anything. We make sure our clients receive a one of a kind experience from start to finish because that’s what we care the most about. When a client call us to book an event, we know they’re putting their trust on us to make this event a big success for everyone involved and that’s why we always take the extra steps required to provide the best service possible.

Largest inventory in Edmonton

With the largest inventory comes the largest selection of inflatables. That means we have so many different obstacle courses and so many interactive games that you’ll just want them all. They’re all super awesome in their own ways which is why stopping at just one inflatable is so hard. Don’t forget the unique themed bouncy castle combos with slides and bouncing area. With over 35 combos in our inventory you’re sure to find the right one for you. 

We have everything you need to throw a full blown carnival whether you want the largest obstacle course available, the coolest games or team building activities like double hoop basketball, football throw, axe throwing, hockey target, soccer, frisbee, baseball, dart, golf and I’m passing some! You won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer and we have next to new equipment and we keep them as clean as a show home. Because after all, those are often the master pieces of an event whether its a birthday party or a carnival/public event! 

Interactive Games

An interactive game is often called a team building game. That’s when two or more players compete against each other on a fun game such as double basketball hoop, axe throwing, soccer, hockey, football, golf, darts, frisbee targets and more. That’s the coolest games there is out there for building chemistry in your company, within your community or even between your group of friends. The growing demand for interactive game just keeps growing year after year and that’s why at The Big Bounce Theory we make sure that we answer the call.

There’s no better to get a strong bond with your co-worker or your friends at a party than having a chance at playing some of our interactive team building games. Its unavoidable to have some of those games at your event. You don’t know yet but it’s going to be the busiest game you’ll have at your event and all that for one low cost including delivery, set up, take down and pick up.

Free Delivery in Edmonton

The Big Bounce Theory offers free delivery for most items within Edmonton city limits. Some exception applies such as for the dunk tank, photo booth and interactive games booked without anything else.

Face Painting

The Big Bounce Theory has the largest pool of fully trained and experienced artist of face painting in the Edmonton area with over 20 artist in house so that means we don’t need to find a sub-contractor to make sure you have all the staff needed at your event because we have them all within our company. That makes it a lot easier on our clients looking to hire a group of artist for their event and it is helpful for our clients to have a one stop shop for all their face painting/glitter tattoo needs. 

No more looking at 6 different companies to get 6 face painters. Come to The Big Bounce Theory and stay for the ease of things. We don’t like complication, that’s why we have such a large pool of artist in house. We’re always here to make things easier for our clients. That’s why we’re the best in the business.

Glitter Tattoo

Edmonton’s best glitter tattoo reside at The Big Bounce Theory and that’s why you need us at your next event. We’ll make your event shine and glitter like you’ve never seen before and you’re about to LOVE it. With the largest pool of in-house artist you’re sure to have the best artist in town for your event and you’re sure that we’ll show up. We have over 250 different design of glitter tattoo available at the tip of your finger.

Make sure you book your next event with us today so you can have the best designs available and the best artist in the city. No one else will beat our quality, professionalism and dedication to what we do. That’s why we’re #1 in Edmonton and area. 

Staffing for Large Events

The Big Bounce Theory offer the ability to staff any events that we book wether its a small birthday party or its a big carnival fair. We have a large pool of trained and experience supervising staff waiting to take on your event and make it a success story to be remembered. Although having one of our staff at your event may not come cheap, we make sure that you get what you paid for by having a professional, fun and safe staff to watch after the equipment while on site.

We take pride in training our staff to the highest level of professionalism there is. You will not be disappointed by our staff supervision and we are strong on punctuality which is a large part of being professional and responsible as a business and as a person. We look forward to staffing your event and with the #1 best company of entertainment rental in Edmonton, you’re sure to be in good hands for a successful event.

Dunk Tanks

Dunk tank is a rising demand year after year in the party rental industry and we want to make sure that we answer the call. We take all precaution to ensure the safety of our guest while using our equipment and we take pride in providing clean, safe, new and fun equipment to our precious customers. We want to make sure that you get the best experience for what you paid for.

That’s why we’re the best in Edmonton at what we do. No other company will try to sell you an experience but rather sell you a product. We’re here to help you create a memorable experience for everyone. That’s why our dunk tanks are from the best manufacturer of dunk tanks in the world.


Bouncy Castles and Obstacle Courses

There’s so much to say about bouncy castles and different kind of obstacle courses out there. At The Big Bounce Theory we work hard to provide the high quality equipment to our clients and the most unique bouncy castle combos. We’ve never been the kind of people who wants to be like everyone else. We like to be distinctive of the normal and go crazy with our equipment that’s why we have some of the coolest and most unique inflatables in the area.

There’s so much to do in a bouncy castle that kids and even adults could spend a full day in them without getting bored of it. Bouncy castles are just AWESOME. with all the obstacles, the large bouncing areas which most of them include a basketball hoop, the climbing wall and without forgetting the big slides in each unit! Would it really be a bouncy castle without a slide?

As for the obstacle courses… they are infinite ways to set up obstacle course. We can have up to 200’ of obstacle course in a row for the fun people. What is an obstacle course? Its a run through bouncy castle that has never ending obstacles with occasional climbing walls and slide with a large scale climbing wall and slide at the end of the course. It can be any length you want which can be backyard friendly or it can be crazy long for the large community events.

Concession Rentals

At The Big Bounce Theory we have some of the best quality equipment for concession rental including commercial grade Cretor popcorn machine which can make so much popcorn within an hour that even a full movie theatre wouldn’t be able to eat it all at once. We provide easy to use ready to mix popcorn with oil and salt. Its a three easy steps process that takes less than 5 minutes to make a ton of fresh, salty and buttery popcorn.

Let’s talk about our auto-breeze cotton candy machine, the easiest machine to work with on the market to this day. Pour sugar in, turn on and let the magic happen. This simple, literally. Why is it so easy? Because at The Big Bounce Theory we ensure that our service is easy, reliable, safe and fun to use. You’re not just renting a cotton candy but you’re buying an experience of fun hence the reason we only buy the highest quality machines for our clients.

As to our slush machine, we always have used BUNN commercial grade double bowl slush machine to serve as many people at once at your event as there’s nothing more frustrating than running out of slush when there’s a long line up in front of you waiting to stay cool during your big event. We use the best in the game slush syrup from Slush Puppie because there’s nothing better than this brand in the world. You don’t think so? Have a sip and let’s talk later.

Balloon Twisting & Balloon Animals

Why choose us for balloon animals? That’s simple – we have highly reputable artist within our company to make your event a large success whether it’s a birthday party or a large public/corporate event. We have the largest pool of balloon animal artist in the Edmonton area with over 20 staff available for at any time for any events of any size. Our artist can make up to 200 different style and we have fast hands so we can make more within your paid time so we can serve more people at your event. Who doesn’t like more and more balloons? Because we LOVE it!! 

We are the #1 company in Edmonton for balloon twisting/animals and we’re proud to serve over 200 different community/corporate event each year. We love what we do and we love to show our clients the passion we have for it. Book with us today and let us show you why we are the #1 company in Edmonton.

Fully Certified, Licensed and Insured

At The Big Bounce Theory we believe that having certified equipment is the best and safest way to succeed in having a great event. We ensure that all of our equipment is fire retardent rated, commercial grade and heavy duty. That’s what makes us the #1 best bouncy castle rental company in Edmonton. We take this matter at heart and with no exception.

We always ensure that all our equipment have a minimum $2 millions liability insurance against any serious life threatening injuries while using our equipment. Keeping our clients and employees safe and against any serious injury is our highest priority as a business. We understand the responsibility that comes with operating the #1 edmonton best bouncy castle rental company and we make sure we are up to the call. We do not disappoint with our insurance coverage and we will always make sure we are the safest company in the industry.

At The Big Bounce Theory we take pride in using only licensed products with no exception. We always ensure that your products and equipment come from reputable companies as our clients only want reputable equipment and so do we. We do not believe in using knock offs as a good business practice for many reasons. Our clients are important to us and we want to provide what they paid for without cutting corners. That’s just was a good leading business does for their clients. That’s who we are.

Reduced rate for customer pick up/drop off

The Big Bounce Theory offers a one of a kind offer that our customers can’t refuse. If you live out of the city and you don’t want to pay the expensive price of delivery we offer you to pick up your favourite equipment at our southside location for the low price of our regular 4 hour price BUT you get to keep the unit from 9am to 9pm. That’s 8 FREE HOURS, on us!


Highest Quality

We have the highest quality equipment with the highest standards staff to serve you the best.


We are the friendliest business in the country.


We are ALWAYS on time and we often arrive early (we like to extend the bouncy castle rental time if conditions allow it so that everyone has the opportunity for extra fun).


We always arrive with a smile on our face.
Otherwise you get 10% off.

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