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Bouncy Castle | What Is A Bouncy House

While most people are familiar with inflatables, or bouncy castles – which actually go by several names such as closed inflatable trampolines (CITs), bounce houses, jumpers, moon walks or moon bounces just to name a few. For those who do not know, a bouncy castle is a transitory structure, typically made of thick vinyl, nylon or sturdy PVC. They are constructed to be hollow, and a fan inflates the forms, providing a springy room that people can bounce around in. While bouncy castles have been around for decades, with the first modern iteration being created in 1958. Engineer John Scurlock is widely accepted as the inventor of the modern inflatable structure. Spurlock worked as a plastics specialist, and also invented the safety air cushions, which was created to help firefighters and first responders rescue people trapped in high rise buildings that are on fire. The safety air cushion, known as the Space Walk has also been adopted by stunt performers in live action shows, television and action movies. Allowing actors and stunt doubles to do impressive stunts, while landing safely on a cushion of air. Spurlock went on to create a business on the concept of inflatables for fun, known as The Fun Factory, the business is still in operation today. While the original design was little more than a giant air pillow with a roof, more designs appeared, with inventor, Bob Regehr designing an inflatable that more closely resembles what are in use today. However, more than just inflated rooms to jump and bounce around in, the inflatables industry is booming! The largest bouncy house in the world was recorded in 2018! There are so many types, styles and designs to choose from, no matter what your interest!

Bouncy Castles

The fun thing about bouncy castles is that they come in all shapes and sizes! Not only do they have different colors, but many come complete with full color graphics in a variety of interests, like monster trucks, unicorns, popular Disney and Pixar characters. The sizes are not only noted by the dimensions, but also the weight limit. The smaller ones are usually 10’ x 10’ x 8’ and can handle a weight limit of 300 lbs. While the larger models can be upwards of 16’ x 16’ x 16’ and can handle twice the weight at 600 lbs. Since adults love bouncing too, if you think adults would like a turn in a bounce house at your event, there are options to choose from.

Bouncy Combos

Just like the title suggests, bouncy combos are bouncy castles with a little extra. Again, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and prints, with the addition of a slide or two attached. People can bounce and slide to their hearts content in bouncy combos shaped like pirate ships, inflatables with two slides, for more fun! There is a theme for virtually every type of event you might have, that will enthrall every age of child that will be at your function!

Bouncy Castle | Water Rides

Since bouncy houses are made from vinyl, PVC or nylon, they are also water friendly! The water ride inflatables allow you to beat the heat and either bounce and slide, or just slide with one or two tracks for the maximum amount of fun. And as always these water ride inflatables come in a huge variety of sizes, colors and themes. Obstacle Courses If you want more fun than just bouncing and sliding, you can find bouncy castles with more! These fun, interactive inflatables cater to every age and side of child, from smaller models that younger kids will enjoy crawling, climbing, bouncing and sliding. To larger inflatables that can challenge even adults. These can get quite large, or come with various pieces you can put together in a variety of ways for an intense obstacle course experience! Interactives & Games Inflatables are now coming out that have a game component to them! While bouncy castles and obstacle courses are a great way to burn energy, the game and interactive inflatables allow you to be strategic, and compete with your friends. There are many kinds and sizes, from the smaller, but still great fun whack a mole game, Skee-Ball, and hilarious inflatable suits that you get inside. They inflate, and you can wrestle with your friends who are also in an inflatable suit! Beyond that, there are inflatables such as the gladiator ring, where you and an opponent use giant inflatable jousting sticks to try to knock each other off your own pedestal. There is the boxing ring, that comes complete with giant inflatable gloves so you can safely duke it out with your guests. Rent a giant slide, that stands 20’ tall! Scramble up the enclosed climbing wall, and slide down this exhilarating ride! Finally, there is an inflatable that is reminiscent of the Wipe Out obstacle course game show, where 8 participants stand on their own pedestal, jumping or ducking the rotating arms, ready to sweep the competitors off their feet, and onto the inflatable floor! No matter what type of event you have, or what age of guests, a bouncy castle or inflatable game is definitely going to be a huge hit!

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