#33 Airborne Adventure

#33 Airborne Adventure


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Product Information:

#33 AIRBORNE ADVENTURE 15’x15’x23′ high is a simulation of a hot air balloon.

This is our most liked unit in any carnival or public event. It will get a long line of wait. With its massive look and amazing feeling of being in the air, this unit won’t disappoint. this unit requires 2 volunteer or 2 of our employees if available for your date (extra charge applies for our staff). Get in touch with us for our employee rate.

Details as followed;

  • weight limit 500 lbs
  • kids at a time; up to 2 
  • adult at a time; 1

one adult must supervise INSIDE the unit while people go up in the air. second adult must stay outside of the unit attentive to the adult inside to ensure it is all good.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • #16 The Giant Whack a Mole

    #16 whack-a-mole carnival game of 15′ diameter, 7′ 7″ tall.

    This unit is an amazing way to keep the kids entertained for hours. This unit includes plastic balls and hammer. This unit is available to any event including public events, soccer, hockey, baseball event and so much more.

    Details as followed;

    • weight limit 500 lbs
    • kids at a time; up to 7

  • #31 Joust/Gladiator

    #31 massive 20’x20′ joust/gladiator carnival/interactive game.

    this unit is a must have at any medium to large scale event. this unit can be used as an add on to any order. blast guaranteed.

    Details as followed;

    • weight limit 500 lbs
    • 2 persons at a time. 

  • #32 Velcro Wall

    #32 sticky/velcro wall 22’x16’x15′ is the perfect addition to a festival, public event, birthday parties, carnival, and so much more.

    Details as followed;

    • weight limit 500 lbs
    • 1 person at a time on the unit plus 1 adult helping MAX at any time. 

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