Have a Bouncy House At Your Next Event

Bouncy Castle | Have a Bouncy House At Your Next Event

When you are planning your next event, no matter how big or small, consider having a bouncy castle or two at your event! There are so many reasons why this is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities! It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a small backyard barbecue, a larger family reunion, formal or informal. Or if you’re planning a church picnic, block party or corporate event says Richard Yanick, the owner and chief bouncer at Edmonton’s The Big Bounce Theory, party rental business. He’s been in operation for years, with an ever expanding inventory, and without a doubt, bouncy castle rentals are on the rise! Kids of All Ages Enjoy Bouncing No matter what kind of party or event you’re having, assured Yanick of The Big Bounce Theory. No matter what age of kids are going to be there, they will enjoy it! From the youngest kids, such as 3 years old with supervision, to older children and even teenagers! Ensure that children of the same age group bounce together to avoid injuries, as older kids will bounce more enthusiastically. But guaranteed, there will be kids lined up to have their turn, and thoroughly enjoy it! Inflatables are Popular with Children and Adults In fact, bouncy castles are popular with adults too! At almost every event, when the kids are having a break, many adults crawl inside and bounce around. Any why not? It’s fun and a great cardiovascular activity! Especially with the obstacle course inflatables that we rent, adults want to bounce, climb, jump, slide just like the kids. The inflatables always have a line up with how popular they are! Keep Children Entertained Another great reason to have a bouncy house at your event, no matter what that event is. Is that you are going to want to ensure the children who attend are entertained the whole time. If it’s a child’s birthday party, or a family function, you know all the children will need to be kept busy. And if it’s a corporate event, you will want something that appeals to the children. The last thing the adults need when they are at an event is to have to find something for their children to do. That way, the parents can focus on the event, and the children can have the best time, the entire time!

Bouncy Castle | Burns Off Energy

Since it’s an activity that uses a lot of energy, whoever is in the bouncy castle will tire right out, says Yanick of The Big Bounce Theory in Edmonton. Which is great, when parents are ready to leave, the children will be tired. They may say they want to stay, but within a few minutes of getting in the car to go home, the kids will settle down. They get the fresh outdoors, exercise, and will fall nicely asleep. And if it’s adults in the bouncy castle? They’ll fall right asleep too, assures Yanick. Great Inside Or Outside No matter what time of year of your event, bouncy castles can be a part of it, says Yanick of The Big Bounce Theory, located in Edmonton. Inflatables are great outside, in the spring, summer and fall. But don’t think you can’t rent a bounce house if you’re having an event in the winter, when you’re hosting it inside! If you’re doing a trade show, a conference, team building, holiday parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions and more! Contact The Big Bounce Theory about how much space you will need, so you can coordinate with your venue. Especially in the winter, when people are feeling particularly cooped up inside and restless. Hosting an event where they will be able to jump and bounce around is going to be hugely popular! Not just with kids either, reminds Richard Yanick. Rent More Than Inflatables And you don’t have to stick to just inflatables either. When you rent with The Big Bounce Theory, you have access to their entire, giant inventory of party rentals. Which include bouncy castles, and other inflatables like giant slides, waterslides, obstacle courses and inflatables games. But you can also rent concession items, like a popcorn machine, cotton candy maker and a slushy machine. Need some shade? You can rent tents, and be made in the shade! Looking for items to make your event unique? How about a foam cannon or dunk tank?

The Icing On The Cake

Not only do you get excellent quality bouncy castles and party equipment, but everything is sanitized twice. Once when they come back from a rental, and again after they are dropped off, so you don’t have to worry if they are clean or not! And what’s more is Yanick or his excellent team will deliver and set up all your rentals, and then pick them back up when your event is done. You get more time doing what you do best, and less time worrying. Still need some activities that are sure to be a hit with your guests? Contact The Big Bounce Theory about hiring a magician, balloon twister, glitter tattoo artist or even a face painter! You’ll have the best party around, and when you rent in multiples, you get a savings! What could be better! Visit www.thebigbouncetheory.ca today and get started on your next event!