Bouncy Castle | Why Hiring A Party Rental Company Is a Great Idea

No matter what kind of event you are having, you should look into hiring a party rental company for many reasons. Here to explain why, is Yanick Richard from The Big Bounce Theory in Edmonton, a party rental company, specializing in bouncy castles. Richard has run his company successfully for years, always working to expand the products he can rent out to customers looking for the most fun and unique events, and exceeding their expectations every single time. Richard will help you understand the advantages of hiring a party rental company for your special events! hiring a party rental company

The Advantages of Hiring A Party Rental Company

  1. One stop shopping
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Huge variety of products
  4. Time saving
  5. Lower stress
  6. High quality products
  7. Expert advice
  8. Faster clean up
  9. Focus on what’s important
  10. Happier guests

One Stop Shopping

When you are planning an event, you have a to-do list that’s incredibly long. Taking care of each detail of any event, from a backyard birthday party for a child, to a family reunion, community league block party or a corporate event. By utilizing the services of an party rental company like The Big Bounce Theory in Edmonton, you can take care of many things all at once. If you are looking to rent a bouncy castle, but also want a tent for shade, a popcorn and cotton candy for snacks and also a magician, you just need to contact one company. In fact, you may be surprised at the wide variety of services you can obtain from just one party rental company, helping you check off multiple things on your to-do list all at once. Now that’s #winning!

Budget Friendly

While no one expects to host a party or event for free, saving money where you can is always a bonus. By hiring a party rental company, you can actually save money. You can have more amenities available, without having to buy, store or later sell products you are likely only going to use once. As well, with many party rental companies, the more you rent, the bigger discount you get. So if you were planning on only renting one bouncy castle for example, once you learn you can rent the foam cannon, dunk tank and face painter from the same company, you’ve likely saved yourself enough money to get a second bouncy castle – hey, why not?

Huge Variety of Products

The third reason Yanick Richard of The Big Bounce Theory says utilizing a party rental company is because you have access to a wide variety of products! You want your event to be the best it can be, and when you use a rental company, you have access to their entire inventory. You don’t have to be happy with just a basic bouncy castle for your church picnic. You can get one in the shape of a pirate ship, or one that has an attached slide. Or you get that basic bouncy castle, and also rent one of the outrageously fun inflatable obstacle courses. Hiring a company to help just makes sense.

Time Saving

Not only will you save time by hiring a party rental company, because you can cross so many items off your to do list. But you also save time, because they will come and set everything up for you, before your event starts! This is a great benefit whether you have one rental, or several. That means you can dedicate your time to getting the party or event ready in other ways, or just simply not have to run around frantic. And finally, you save time, because the party rental company will also come and pick everything back up when you are done.

Bouncy Castle | Lower Stress

Throwing a party or event doesn’t need to be a giant ball of stress! Hiring a party rental company helps you keep the stress levels low. Not only do you have less to worry about, because the party rental company is taking so many things off your to do list. But just the fact that they will set up, sanitize and pick up the products at the end of your event, should help keep your mind clear, and stress levels low. But also, when you hire a company to help, you are also hiring their expertise. They are there to help you every step of the way, from helping you to decide the best products for your event, to ensuring you have everything you need for the day. This will help you focus on the event itself, enjoying the guests, and having a good time!

High Quality Products

You know your guests deserve nothing but the best, right? And by hiring a party rental company, you will get the best of the best. They need to have products that will work properly each and every event. Therefore, the products are high quality. And you get the best at rental prices, if you rent multiple products, you get a discount. Thus, you save money, says Richard of the Big Bounce Theory, and who doesn’t want the best products at a discounted rate?

Expert Advice

Yanick Richard, the owner of The Big Bounce Theory says he has so much knowledge and expertise in the event rental industry. And he’s passionate about using that expertise to help you have a great event! You aren’t just renting their bouncy castles, foam cannons and tents. You get talented and passionate staff who will take the time to answer every question you have and ensure that your event is set up for success. They’ll even help you brainstorm ideas, and more!

Faster Clean Up

While everyone loves having and going to a party or event, nobody loves clean up nearly as much. That’s why it’s so helpful hiring a party rental company. They will come at the end of your event to pack up and haul away all the products you rented. The best part? They will clean them for you! You don’t have to try to rush the last guest off the property to clean and pack up. Stay put, and the company will send experts to do it all for you, allowing you to spend every moment with your guests.

Focus On The Important

Let’s face it, hosting an event means multi-tasking and being pulled in many directions. When you hire an party rental company like The Big Bounce Theory, you’re taking so much off your plate! This will free you to enjoy the event a bit more, be present, and get to interact with your guests! While you may still have things to do as the host, you will be less stretched, helping you to enjoy the beautiful event you’ve pulled together, and maybe you can go for a jump in the bouncy castle for fun!

Happier Guests

Who doesn’t want the happiest guests? When you are able to get the best in the inventory, get discounts when you rent more of them, and are able to choose the most fun party products, you will have happier guests! You will be able to spend time with them, make memories and ensure they’re having the best time ever! If you want nothing but the best party or event, hiring an party rental company is hands down the best way to go. When you are hosting an event or party, you will definitely want to get in touch with the experts, contact the team at The Big Bounce Theory. They will be more than happy to discuss your event, suggest products, show you their huge inventory and ensure you have an absolutely amazing event! Call them today!